European Emerging Tech Syndicate



  • Location: Primarily Europe-based startups, but technically open to startups globally.
  • Stage: Seed, Series A, and, potentially, Series B
  • Verticals: Web3, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainable Development


If you are familiar with AngelList in the US, the equivalent for Europe is Uniborn. The EU doesn’t have an accredited investor definition like the US, so we are able to include “retail” investors, i.e. regular people who are not, by definition, professional investors, alongside more experienced angel investors, family offices, and venture capital funds. This means that startups that are raising seed, Series A, and Series B funds can include friends and family and network in their fundraising round.

The minimum investment into these syndicated investment rounds is 1000€ and is open to anyone in the world (outside of any financially blacklisted/sanctioned countries).

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