Why Are We Helping Source PPE and Medical Safety Supplies?

We have been working with entrepreneurs and large corporations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea for the last five years through investment and startup innovation programs.

Given that manufacturing capacity is now greater than local demand across much of Southeast Asia, our connections in the region have reached out to see if our network in the US or Europe needs medical safety supplies related to the COVID-19 crisis. There will also be significant need in South and Central America as well as across Africa.

These companies have decades of supply chain experience sourcing and manufacturing products in China and we have known the majority of them for years; they are not recent random contacts from China (our spam and LinkedIn message boxes are as full of these “offers” as yours).

The products they are sourcing are CE and/or FDA certified and can be manufactured in significant quantities.

Follow these links to explore our available PPE and medical safety products:

Air Freight Shipping

Air freight is the necessary means of shipment given the urgency of the necessity of these products. Its pricing is, however, terribly volatile right now, so you should be budgeting at least $10 per kilogram to ship to Europe, the United States or Canada.

If you have the ability to work with an airline or the military, it may make more sense economically to send transport planes to pick up the products in China. This is the direct pricing of the air freight shipping companies as well as FedEx, UPS, DHL and others, and is not something we can negotiate.

All products can be shipped globally as long as you have the right to import them into your country. (some countries are currently requiring these products to be sourced through official government channels)

Sample Kits for Testing

We are able to supply a limited amount of sample kits to medical or governmental organizations that need to test the quality of the products before placing orders.